About KUO YU



The KUO YU history goes back to 1975 with the opening of a plastic mould factory as DER YAW Mould Co., dedicating searching for advanced technology and equipment for its rapid growth until 1986 founded KUO YU. By investigating into foreign trade situation place KUO YU in a positin to render the fullest satisfaction to customers with vast & wide experience in all lines that handle. From initial design to packaging, all processes are carried out at its factory premises while meticulous quality control inspection its taken in the manufacturing process of each item to guarantee the best quality. To keep pace with the market demands for high quality products, KUO YU keeps steady growth in the coming future, and also will expand and diversify its product lines to cope with the latest market trend. Recently KUO YU start lighting products, not limited in original products

Exposure the R&D Phases

Variety of style and product is vital for the survival in today`s competitive business environment. Today KUO YU has expanded rapidly resulting in a vast network of professional manufacturer worldwide, and so proud to cooperate and supply to the well-known international companies by OEM, OBM & ODM projects. KUO YU dedicates to provide clients with one-stop service and always sensitive to the market trends, and it explains why KUO YU is the leader among this field and lead to a bright future.

Experience the Secret of Moulding

Molding is recognized as an essential technology leading to a masterpiece. An ideal molding firm depends strongly on experience accumulation, where absolutely make different ofr product development, and fully support KUO YU in starting and growing rapidly than other competitors. KUO YU proceeds OEM projects are under comprehensive professional study and analysis, aiming at improving customers` designs and producing well-received products. Easy access for any kind of product modification also forms another plus to KUO YU's business.

We flatted down the management structure resulting to efficient communication between lines and management. The step one accomplished by the end of 1997. Having a contract with a good-well software firm, we develop custom wireless networking environment. Many training programs held for every member among the organization and they could share information with each other efficiently. Each task is monitored and controlled across the divisions by Central Net Control Unit(CNCU). Only through collaboration and cooperation can we establish our own international reputation, quality assurance brings to the utmost satisfaction to create a win-win situation.